NCHD Poster Presentation Competition

1. A Retrospective Study to Explore the Effects of COVID-19 and the Lockdown Measures on Application and Admissions under Mental Health Act

2. Quetiapine, how common is off label prescribing. A community mental health team (CMHT) survey.

3. Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy For School Related Anxiety - A Feasibility Study

4. Physical Health Monitoring Of Patients Attending A Clozapine Clinic In A Tertiary Hospital

5. Referral Rates Across Three Psychiatric Services In The West Of Ireland During The Covid-19 Pandemic, A 12-Month Mirror Study

6. Sleep Is Cancelled - Overcoming Fear Of Sleep In A Year Of Covid

7. Maintenance Of Patient Records In Tallaght University Hospital Psychiatric Unit

8. Comparing Psychiatric Admission Following Suicidal Presentations To The Emergency Department Pre Covid And During The Covid Era

9. Evaluation Of Postgraduate Educational Environment Of Doctors Training In Psychiatry In The Midwest Of Ireland

10. Experiences And Attitudes Of Mental Health Care Staff To The Reporting Of Violence In The Workplace

11. Determining Staff Experience, Attitudes And Awareness Of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Gender Identity Presentations In Irish Child & Adolescent Mental Health Settings

12. An Audit Of Antipsychotic Monitoring For Patients Under A Community Mental Health Team

13. Perils Of A Pandemic - Rise In On-Call Psychiatry Assessments Of Under-18’s Via The Adult Emergency Department Of An Irish Tertiary Hospital

14. Psychedelic Perceptions - Mental Health Service User Attitudes To Psilocybin Therapy

15. Trends In Eating Disorder Admissions To A General Paediatric Hospital Over A Five-Year Period

16. Gender Protections In Mental Health Legislation - A Review Of 64 Jurisdictions

17. A Survey Of Irish Psychiatric Trainees Attitudes To Balint Groups

18. Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Persons Experiencing An Eating Disorder, The I-Coped Study

19. Evaluation Of The Acceptability Of The Learning Outcome Attainment Grid To HST Trainees - A Cross-Sectional Mixed-Methods Study

20. Self Harm In The Low Oestrogen-Low Progesterone Phases Of Menstrual Cycle

21. An Audit Of Ultimately Unsuccessful Referrals For Involuntary Admission To The Lakeview Unit Of Naas General Hospital During 2019

22. Postgraduate Medical Training In Ireland - Being Global While Staying Local

23. Stimulating Improved Monitoring With ADHD Prescribing In Child And Adolescent Mental Health Service Cho1 Area – An Audit

24. Audit Of Documentation At St James' Hospital Memory Clinic - A Quality Improvment Initiative

25. Covid 19 Related Occupational Stress In Staff In An Acute Paediatric Teaching Hospital

26. Insight Into Illness Among Inpatients In A Forensic Service

27. Admission Patterns In A Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit In Ireland - A Longitudinal Follow Up

28. Lithium Monitoring Service Development Project And Audit

29. Icebergs And Tsunamis - Covid-19 And The Impact On Referrals To Psychiatry In Those 65 Years And Older In A Large Academic Hospitals Emergency Department

30. Drug Treatment Of Mania In Children And Adolescents - A Systematic Review

31. The Effect Of Covid On Referral And Admissions To A Child And Adolescent Approved Centre

32. Assessing Covid-19 Vulnerability Using Covid-Age In People With Severe Mental Illness

33. Chew On This - Increases In Eating Disorder Admission Rates Between Pre And Post-Lockdown

34. Patient Factors Associated With The Use Of Psychotropic Polypharmacy In Patients Under The Care Of A Community Mental Health Team In The West Of Ireland

35. Zero Violence Or Zero Seclusion. Which Is More Acceptable In Our Hospitals

36. Perspectives Of Psychiatric Trainees And Examiners On The Assessment Of Communication Skills During Online Basic Specialist Training (BST) Examination; A Qualitative Study

37. Metabolic Monitoring In Patients With Severe Mental Illness - Establishing A Dedicated Metabolic Clinic In A Catchment Area Of Sligo-Leitrim Metal Health Service

38. Covid-19, Telemedicine And Emergency Department Referrals - An Audit And Retrospective Chart Review Of Patient Presentations And Follow-Up Times To A Community Mental Health Team