Medical Student Poster Presentation Competition

1. A Cross-Sectional Study Investigating Sleep Difficulties On Internalising And Externalising Problems In Autistic Patients

2. Prevalence Rates Of Psychiatric Disorders In Individuals With Nrxn1 Deletions (Del) Compared To Idiopathic Autism (IASD)

3. Covid And Eating Disorders - Referrals To Specialist Ed Clinic

4. Safety Planning To Reduce Self-Harm Repetition And Suicidal Presentation- Effectiveness And Stakeholder Experiences - A Mixed Methods Systematic Review

5. An Audit Of Referrals To North Kerry Camhs Pre And Post Covid 19 Restrictions

6. Polypharmacy And Dementia – A Cross Sectional Study Of Patients With Dementia Attending Psychiatry Of Old Age And Geriatric Services In The Northwest Of Ireland

7. Neuroimaging Findings In Internet Gaming Addiction In Adolescence A Systematic Review

8. QTC Prolongation And Electrocardiogram Abnormalities Caused By ADHD Medications Amongst Paediatric Population - A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

9. Loneliness, Social Isolation And Related Clinical-Sociodemographic Factors In Attendees Of Psychiatry Of Old Age Service In The North West Of Ireland - A Cross Sectional Study

10. Impact Of Fluphenazine Decanoate Discontinuation – A Retrospective Cohort Study In A Community Mental Health Setting

11. The Coronavirus Health And Impact Survey Adapted For Autism And Related Neurodevelopmental Conditions (CRISIS-AFAR) Preliminary Irish Analysis

12. The Impact On Loneliness Of Targeted Psychological Interventions Delivered On A Digital Platform – A Rapid Systematic Review

13. A Longitudinal Evaluation Of The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On A Cohort Of Patients Treated With Clozapine

14. The Assessment Of The Severity Of Illness To The Emergency Department For Psychiatric Assessment