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Professional Competence

Information on our Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) and Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme (CPD-SS) for NCHDs in Non-Training Posts.

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PCS News November 2014

Peer Review Workshop

@ Winter Meeting
(Thurs 6th November, 15.45 – 17.00)

With over 300 of you engaged in Peer Review Groups, this activity provides an effective platform to plan and engage in CPD, and is a good source of Internal CPD credits. Dr Aoibhinn Lynch & Dr Miriam Kennedy will chair an interactive session on peer review groups, looking at educational research in this area and useful guidelines for setting up and operating a Peer Review Group.

CPD Events – dates for your diary.

This year has seen a variety of CPD meetings on various themes organised by the College, with excellent attendance by our members. We aim to make CPD credits available to you on a wide range of relevant topics, and we use feedback from our events to select speakers and themes for future meetings. This is in line with Medical Council guidance that CPD credits provided by us should be linked to the eight domains of good professional practice and reflect patient safety.

WEDNESDAY 10TH DECEMBER 2014 (11.00 – 15.45) Balint Group Workshop For Consultant Psychiatrists – Dublin.
Approved for 4 External CPD Credits
Presenters: Dr Brendan McCormack & Dr Verena Keane

This workshop is limited to 15 participants and is aimed at consultant psychiatrists with little or no previous experience of Balint Groups and consultant psychiatrists supervising trainees who participate in Balint Groups. The workshop will provide an understanding of how Balint Groups work, through experience and participation. Includes an introduction to principles underlying the therapeutic relationship from the Systemic and Psychoanalytic psychotherapy points of view.
Full details on
Bookings: email or ring 01 634 4378

SATURDAY 31ST JANUARY 2015 (morning)
Psychiatry of Old Age CPD seminar – Dublin.
Programme available soon on
Bookings: email or ring 01 634 4378

Please see the Meetings & Events list on for full details of these and all meetings with CPD credits. Let us know if you would like to see any particular topics being covered, or if you would like to organise a meeting in your area.

Don’t Forget! Log your CPD credits in your online diary.

Don’t forget to log your CPD credits in your online CPD Diary, and confirm when you have completed a Clinical Audit.
As per our recent emails, the Medical Council is focusing on doctors enrolled in the PCS for the past three years, with zero activity logged in their diaries for that period of 3+ years. It would be reasonable to assume that the focus will expand over future years to include doctors who have not logged the required minimum credits each year. So we urge you to keep your diary up to date and plan your CPD / educational activities to ensure you accrue at least the minimum number of credits plus Clinical Audit each year.
Please contact us in the PCS office if you need advice, assistance with logging, or if you are having particular difficulties with accruing CPD credits or Clinical Audit.

CPD for online learning

Online CPD is a useful way of accruing Internal and/or External CPD credits, especially during periods when a doctor can’t access their normal internal or external CPD activities. A small number of websites are approved by this College for CPD (listed below). Credits are usually allocated by the host organisation per completed module and can be claimed as Internal (up to 5 per PCS year) or External (up to 10 per PCS year). Where the organisation doesn’t indicate the credits for the module, the general rule is 1 CPD credit per hour of learning activity.

New features on CPD Diary: save Reflective Notes and Clinical Audit title.

We have added a ‘reflective note’ feature for logging of all categories of CPD credits. This means that as you log the number of CPD credits for an activity, you can if you wish save a note on learning outcomes or any other detail for that activity.

You can now also record the title of your Clinical Audit when you confirm YES on your Diary to the “CA?” prompt.

If you wish to claim online learning from one of the above websites for CPD, you should ensure you complete any tests at the end of a module and then print off your certificate for the module. You may claim up to 10 External CPD credits per year for online learning, plus a maximum of 5 Internal CPD credits per year.

Can you organise a CPD meeting / event?

We are always pleased to hear from college members, faculties or special interest groups who will work with us to organise educational CPD meetings for our members. We are aware that there are particular areas of interest and gaps which could be filled by offering educational CPD sessions with topical and relevant speakers and material. Please contact us or any member of the Professional Competence Committee if you or your colleagues can help.

Professional Competence Committee.

We are very grateful to our committee members and others who have assisted us to date, and we always welcome any individuals or groups who wish to get involved in professional competence areas of interest

Professional competence committee members:
Chair: Dr Miriam Kennedy
Academic: Dr Brian Hallahan
Addictions: Dr Gerry McCarney
Adult Psychiatry: Dr Eamonn Kenny
CAP: Dr AnnMarie Waldron
Dublin East: Dr Raju Bangaru
Forensic: Dr Sally Linehan
Liaison: Dr Paula McKay
LD: Dr Ruth Garvey
Midlands: Dr Ciaran Corcoran
Nominee MHC: Dr Maria Frampton
Old Age: Dr Aoibhinn Lynch
PIPSIG: Dr Niamh Farrelly / Dr Michele Cahill
Psychotherapy: Dr Maeve Moran
Social & Rehab: Dr Lee Motherway
South East: Dr Annette Kavanagh
West: Dr Margaret O’Grady

Withdrawing / Re-Enrolling in PCS

If a doctor voluntarily withdraws their name from the Medical Council register (due to full retirement, moving overseas etc.), then they no longer require to be enrolled in a PCS. The doctor should email the PCS office informing us they wish to withdraw from the PCS.

Any doctor needing to re-enrol in the CPsychI professional competence scheme (e.g. after a period of non-enrolment / being off the Medical Council register etc.) should contact the PCS office.