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Membership is open to all psychiatrists working in Ireland and overseas. We also offer membership to medical students and interns absolutely free. The College membership year runs from 1st November to 31st October.

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College Committees

The College has several committees and workgroups made up of members from different speciaties and with various expertise & knowledge who work on a specific project at one time or several projects over the calender year.

Projects can evolve from College Faculties, from the need to address legislative activity pertinent to the profession of psychiatry or service users or the mental health services or from an an idividual member as a result of research and so on.

The following are the current committees each with a subsection list on the top left hand side of this page.

  • Council
    The governing body of the College. It meets four times per year and includes representatives from the HSE regions, the different Faculties and Officers of the College.
  • Executive Committee
    This manages the day to day business of the College and meets on a monthly basis. It includes the Officers, the Pillar Directors and CEO.
  • Postgraduate Training Committee
    This is the governing Committee of the Postgraduate Training Pillar and is Chaired by the Pillar Director.
  • Trainee Committee
    This Committee consists solely of trainees with various representatives and is currently chaired by Dr Gearoid Moynihan. Please click HERE for further information on the Trainee Committee.
  • Professional Competence Scheme Committee
    click here for PCS committee
  • Educational Advisory Group
    This committee’s main objective is to develop a competency-based training model, including the development of appropriate outcomes, curriculum, instructional framework and assessment (including progression and certification) for both Basic and Higher Specialist Training in Psychiatry.
  • Public Education Committee
    This committee is chiefly responsible for World Mental Health Day, the Spike Milligan Public Speaking Competition and any other projects identified with the promotion of good mental health.
  • Human Rights, Ethics & Law Committee
    This group focus particularly on any forthcoming changes to legislation, any new legislation and advise accordingly. They also have a Human Rights and Ethics remit in regard to mental health issues.
  • Executive Clinical Directors
    The Executive Clinical Directors (ECDs) also meet under the auspices of the College and is currently chaired by Dr Justin Brophy