Mission and Objectives

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, formed in 2009, is the professional body for psychiatrists in the Republic of Ireland. It is the sole body recognised for training of doctors to become specialists in psychiatry and for providing career long competence for specialists in psychiatry.

The College is not a regulatory or disciplinary body. The College is a not for profit professional membership organisation and is a Registered Charity (CHY 18077). Apart from a membership unit the College has three main areas (departments):

Professional Competence
Postgraduate Training
External Affairs & Policy (which includes Public Education and Communication)


The Mission of the College is to promote excellence in the practice of psychiatry. The College fulfils its mission through the following actions:

  1. Education and training of psychiatrists
  2. Provision of continuous lifelong learning for psychiatrists
  3. Advocacy for resources to support best practice in the delivery of mental health services
  4. Promoting best practice in education, training and research in psychiatry
  5. Public education on issues related to psychiatric illness, psychiatric services and mental health promotion


To fulfill our mission of promoting excellence in the practice of psychiatry the College focuses on the following objectives:

  • Support, represent and lead member psychiatrists nationally & internationally
  • Promote excellence, best practice, recovery & collaboration in mental healthcare
  • Set standards for trainee psychiatrists
  • Support the continuous professional development of our qualified members
  • Work with key stakeholders, government committees/agencies and other organisations
  • Promote human rights & ethical conduct in psychiatry and mental health services.
  • Work with service users, carers and their organisations


The College has six core values that drive its mission and objectives:

  • Wisdom
  • Learning
  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Respect

The College also has a number of specialist groups called ‘Faculties’.

These Faculties include:


Governance and Management:

Council is the governing body of the College.
The Management (Executive) Committee, which is responsible for the day to day business of the College, meets monthly. Items for discussion or decision go to the Management Committee first before being included on the Council meeting agenda.


Our Patron

The patron of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland is Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland.

It is a great honour that the President has agreed to be our patron. We are extremely grateful for his support and encouragement of the College and our members.