Useful Questions for Parents of Children Attending CAMHS

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Following the publication of a report by the HSE into South Kerry CAMHS (published 26th January 2022), the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland urges families and guardians who obtain an appointment for CAMHS to ask the following questions to ensure the best possible care:

    1. Is there a specialist psychiatrist registered on the Child and Adolescent specialist register of the Medical Council on the team?
    2. Will other multidisciplinary team members be available to provide treatment as clinically indicated?
    3. Is there an allocated key worker on the team for the child or young person and if so, what are their contact details, including availability?
    4. Will the parents /guardians be involved in the child’s / young person’s care?
    5. Does the child or young person have a care plan and can a copy be provided to the parents/guardians?
    6. What other supports and service may be needed?