Campaigns 2014

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Campaigns 2014

2nd – 11th January First Fortnight
7th January – 26th February Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course
Hosted by Mental Health Ireland
9th January No Room at the Inn
Free talk on Mental Health Services for people in crisis
Hosted by Mental Health Reform
24th February – 2nd March Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Hosted by Bodywhys
31st March – 4th April National Alcohol Awareness Week
Hosted by: Alcohol Forum
Theme for 2014: Alcohol’s Harm to Others
10th – 11th April CPsychI Spring Conference
Maryborough House Hotel Cork
12th – 18th May Mental Health Awareness Week
1st – 31st May Green Ribbon Month
Hosted by See Change
9th – 15th June International Mens’ Health Week
supported by Mens’ Sheds
Ongoing throughout 2014 Engage Programme (hosted by
14th – 18th September 16th World Congress of Psychiatry
Hosted by World Psychiatric Association
10th October World Mental Health Day
6th – 7th November CPsychI Winter Conference
Co. Kildare