College Press Statements 2023

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CPsychI launches newly developed guide for Educational Supervisors in Psychiatry

The Guide for Educational Supervisors, launched today, is underpinned by The Irish Medical Council ‘Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics 8th edition 2019. The Guide, along with this one-day inaugural conference for supervisors, provides support and relevant information to help a supervisor to fulfil their role.

CPsychI warns current sub-standard end-of-life care in Ireland cannot continue

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has today (Tuesday) warned the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Assisted Dying that the unequal distribution of palliative care services, a dearth of psychological and psychiatric supports available to people with challenging health journeys, and insufficient research in end-of-life care in Ireland cannot continue.

CPsychI statement on conflict in Gaza, Israel and the Middle East

The College abhors all violence and conflict and is deeply concerned for all those tragically affected by violent attacks in Israel and Palestine and the humanitarian crisis that continues to escalate in Gaza and surrounding areas in the Middle East.

CPsychI response to Budget 2024

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has dismissed Budget 2024 as a “backward step” for the provision of mental health treatment in Ireland, adding the current level of funding and resourcing would lead to increased doctor burnout and, ultimately, negative impacts on patients.

CPsychI warns that doctor burnout having ‘hugely negative impact’ on patient care

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has warned that soaring rates of doctor burnout and stress are having a “hugely negative impact” on patient care in Ireland.
It said that radical plans for both doctor recruitment and doctor retention in mental health services and a significant increase in mental health spending were needed as urgent priorities to ease the pressure on overworked medical professionals in our mental health services and, as a result, improve patient outcomes.

CPsychI welcomes and reacts to results from national audit on prescribing in CAMHS

The College welcomes the publication of the findings of this report which will provide reassurance to children and their parents/guardians attending CAMHS around the country that levels of prescribing in CAMHS are safe and appropriate.

CPsychI response to Mental Health Commission Report Independent Review of the provision of CAMHS in the State by the Inspector of Mental Health Services

The College of Psychiatrists welcomes the publication of the Mental Health Commission’s review of CAMHS report published today (26th July 2023), which identifies the serious and ongoing challenges that staff working in CAMHS and the children and families seeking support of CAMHS have faced.  The College further calls for urgent action to address serious deficits in resourcing and basic administrative and management structures in CAMHS.

CPsychI welcomes Announcement of National Clincial Lead for Child and Youth Mental Health

Following the announcement of the new Clinical Lead role as part of the recommendations arising from the Maskey Report, the College commends Minister Mary Butler in the successful funding and delivery of this post, one which will be crucial in ensuring there is a clinically led, strategic and targeted vision for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) into the future.

CPsychI welcomes announcement of mental health pilot programme in primary schools

Following the announcement of the second strand of the €5 million pilot programme this week, the College of Psychiatrists welcomes the imminent roll-out of targeted, responsive wellbeing and mental health supports at primary school level.

CPsychI welcomes publication of HSE Dual Diagnosis Model of Care

Following collaboration with the HSE Dual Diagnosis National Clinical Programme, the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland welcomes the publication and roll-out of the Model of Care for People with Mental Disorder and Co-existing Substance Use Disorder.

CPsychI on Sudan conflict

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland strongly condemns the conflict that has erupted in Sudan and appeals for a permanent ceasefire to protect its citizens and Irish-based doctors currently in the country.

CPsychI President Dr Lorcan Martin – ‘Extremely worrying’ consultant resourcing crisis jeopardises junior doctor training

The President of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has said that the Government’s inability to adequately recruit and retain consultant psychiatrists is “extremely worrying” and has a serious impact on junior doctors in training.

CPsychI warns proposed Sale of Alcohol Bill will have ‘hugely negative’ impact on mental health

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has warned that proposed aspects of the Sale of Alcohol Bill (2022) will have a hugely negative effect on people’s mental health and should be reconsidered in consultation with medical professionals as a priority.

CPsychI reacts to the Mental Health Commission Interim Report on some CAMHS services

Welcoming the report, the College calls for urgent and emergency action to address too many and concerning shortfalls and inadequate actions in CAMHS and other areas of Ireland’s Mental Health Service.