College Press Statements 2021

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College publishes paper on on Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland (College of Psychiatrists) has warned that physicianassisted suicide and euthanasia (PAS-E) is not compatible with good medical care and that its introduction in Ireland could place vulnerable patients at risk.

College Survey on Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health Services

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has warned that Covid-19 is having a significant, negative impact on mental health across the community.

College warns that cannabis is ‘gravest threat to young Irish people’s mental health today’

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland (CPsychI) has warned that cannabis represents the “gravest threat to the mental health of young people in Ireland today”, saying that the combination of increasingly potent strains of the drug and a widespread conception among the public that it is generally harmless have had devastating effects.

CPsychI Statement following RTE Prime Time Investigates, Thursday 25th March 2021

The College of Psychiatrists recognises that the content of the RTE investigates programme is likely to cause significant distress to autistic people and their families to learn that, according to the programme, their private information was disclosed without their knowledge or consent.

College welcomes proposed legislation that will move to instigate an outright ban on gambling advertisement in sports

Gambling Disorders are a real and fast-growing public health issue, with the medical illness resulting in detrimental consequences for those with the severe addiction and for their families. In line with their position paper on Gambling Disorder, launched in late 2020, the College believes any move now to address one of many actions required to tackle this issue is not only positive, but timely and urgent.

College statement on HSE National Clinical Programme for Adult ADHD

The College welcomes the launch and funding of demonstration sites for the first component in the development of the HSE National Clinical Programme for Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).