EAP Standard Operating Procedure

Process of dealing with media activity

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Standard Operating Procedure

College Media Interaction

The College has a Communication Policy document which can be found on the website under the External Affairs & Policy section and in which the procedure for dealing with media can be found. A guide for assessing media involvement by category document is also available and should be adhered to.

Below is an easy reference to the process of dealing with media activity and queries and when they occur.

Media refers to all media platforms – national, regional and local broadcast and print media and social media (twitter, blogs, facebook, LinkedIn and so on).

All queries by the media or about issues in the media must be directed to the EAP Department.

  • the query must go to the Manager first by phone and /or email.
  • if the Manager is unavailable, then the query should be directed to the Communication’s Assistant and then to the Digital Communications Administrator.
  • the Director of Communications & Public Education must be informed by the EAP department at some point. The timing of such contact will depend on the nature of the issue involved (See below)

Major issue

The Director of Communications, the President, the Vice-President, the Chief Executive and the Manager of EAP must be contacted by phone by the EAP Department and informed if:

  • an issue arises in the media that is of College member’s concern, of national significance, of grave concern, of public safety and /or affects service users/patients, carers and the profession of psychiatry including trainees.
  • the reputation of the College is at stake or incorrectly depicted in media
  • there is a risk of Litigation involving College interest
  • urgent correction is required

The Director of Communications and the EAP Manager must be informed first of any major issue. Any response to a Major Issue must come from the Director of Communication and the Manager of EAP who will consult with the President, the Chief Executive and relevant officers of the College depending on the issue in question.

Medium issue

Contact and inform the Director of Communications, the Manager of EAP and the Chief Executive before responding. Refer to category document.

Minor issue

The EAP department will decide if the query should be followed up on or not and will inform the Director re the query and action/answer taken if any. Usually an email to inform the Manager and Director is sufficient. If the minor query involves asking a member psychiatrist to be involved the Manager and/or Manager will advise but both must be informed of the decision.