Winter Conference 2024 Call for Abstract Submissions – NCHD’s ONLY

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland invite abstract submissions from all non-consultant psychiatrists for Poster and Oral Presentation. Some consideration can be given to submissions from interns. Submissions by consultants will be considered on a display only basis subject to availability. Applicants will be informed whether their abstract has been accepted on or before Wednesday 25th September. The posters will be displayed over both days.

Requirements for submission:

1. Only submissions of research studies, full clinical audit cycles and case report series will be given consideration. Results must be included in your submission. A selection process will apply, only those posters of a suitable standard and which meet the requirements below will be selected to exhibit.

2. Please complete the online abstract submission form strictly before 5th September 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.

3. You must be a member of CPsychI or be registered on the CPD-SS scheme.

4. Abstracts must be in English.

5. You must complete all fields in Section 3 of the submission form.

6. The following information must be included on the submission –
–  The full name of the presenting author
– Your current appointment & place of current work address (this information will be displayed on the programme if you are invited to present)
– Daytime telephone number
– All co-authors, their place of work and their email address

7. By submitting your abstract, you are confirming that all co-authors have approved the submission, they agree to your abstract being presented at the conference and appearing on the College website.

8. The abstract should not contain bibliographic references, tables or appendices

9. The abstract should be approximately 300 words but no more than 400 (count not including title/authors/declarations)

10. You must make a declaration indicating all sources of financial sponsorship of the study.

11. You must declare if ethical approval has been granted for this study. If so, state which Ethics Committee and date of approval. NOTE: Ethics approval is required for all research studies.

12. If the abstract relates to clinical audit cycle, you should indicate if permission to carry out the audits and present results has been given by the relevant clinical director/health care manager. NOTE: Permission is required for all clinical audit cycles.

13. If the abstract involves a case report series, you must declare if the patients have given consent. Case reports must not contain information which could identify any particular patients. NOTE: Consent is required for all case report series.

14. Please declare if you have previously submitted the same data set elsewhere and state where it was presented.