This area is intended to provide support and information and a list of College press releases for media.    

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This section of the College is guided by the Executive Committee and specifically by

  • Director of Communications & Public Education   -   Dr John Hillery, Psychiatrist

The College has a media panel of member psychiatrists who can advise on various issues & topics in the specialist areas of psychiatry as well as on the mental health services & issues in Ireland.

Specialist areas are:

General Adult

 Addictions Psychiatry

     Liaison Psychiatry                 

 Forensic Psychiatry 

     Learning Disability Psychiatry 

 Social &Rehabilitation Psychiatry 

Old Age Psychiatry 

 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Please contact Andrea Ryder, Director of Communications at the College office if you wish to speak to a psychiatrist on a particular issue/ topic or on general psychiatric topics.

E-mail:           Tel: + 353 1 661 8450